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Company Name : Attosphere GmbH

Company Address : Untere Augartenstraße

PostCode : 1020

Website on Amanbo.com : http://faq.amanbo.com/eshop/index/999000111239.html

Company Introduction: UP-BRO combines in a special way the unique, natural powers of white root, kudzu, Chinese devil's twine seeds, rubus, goji berries, ginseng, oysters and the Chinese gutta-percha tree and can help boost your vitality - without any chemical additives. FULL POWER FOR SEVERAL DAYS with UP-BRO the natural food supplement The exquisite and rare ingredients of UP-BRO have been known for centuries for their positive properties and can help you to get more vitality and vigor. The recipe was long considered lost until it was accidentally found by us during a trip to Asia in a remote Chinese village and brought back to life. We have analyzed the old recipe using the most modern methods, improved it and adapted it to current requirements. UP-BRO is made from the highest quality raw materials and is free of preservatives.

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jianfeng zheng

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