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PostCode : 518101

Website on Amanbo.com : http://faq.amanbo.com/eshop/index/999000111162.html

Company Introduction: Kipsang Women's Store is a professional clothing enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Over the years, the company has been active in the spirit of "innovation, pragmatism, professionalism and collaboration", and has been providing a full range of clothing solutions with the management concept and cultural spirit of the enterprise, integrating the social climate and corporate style towards diversification and the intertwined expectations of old and new trends, designing and producing classic clothing for the enterprise that will always retain its value. Make the enterprise in the image more exquisite and vivid, maintain the unparalleled charm, widely involved to major enterprises and institutions, banks, securities, insurance, mobile, telecommunications, tobacco, aviation, railroad, water supply, power supply, hotels, shopping malls, schools, industrial and mining enterprises and other industries.

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