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Company Name : Amanbo Purchase Center

Company Address : Two Rivers

PostCode :

Website on Amanbo.com : http://faq.amanbo.com/eshop/index/6742.html

Company Introduction: Amabo Purchase Center is operated by Shenzhen Qianhai Right Supply Chain Co., Ltd. and is the official outlet of the Amanbo platform. Amabo Purchase Center aims to help overseas users, especially those from African countries, to source Chinese products at good prices. We provide one-stop service from sourcing to logistics. If you are a businessman, we can make your business easier, if you are an entrepreneur, we can help you start your business easily, if you are a student or a full-time wife, we can help you earn money on the side. Sign up to Amanbo to post your buying needs and make earning money easier.

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Department : Sales

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